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The 2024 VIP Program with Signature Service™ increases your access to ABB’s extensive resources, T&B products, elevated service, incentives and rewards.

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Channel Director Talks Signature Service Benefits

Welcome to
Signature Service

Signature Service is an exclusive rewards program for our most valuable customers. When you commit to ABB Installation Products as the primary supplier for specific product lines, we commit to providing you first-rate service and benefits throughout the year.

That’s how we work Together + Better.

Signature Service partners always get priority customer service.

Get premium treatment

Rebate Incentive – select 4-8 product lines for an additional rebate on those selected products

Hot Shot Delivery – once a quarter, get next-day delivery within 150 miles of a distribution center

Return Pickup – we pick up your returns on direct deliveries

Expedited Return Credits – 48-hour credit for Signature Service products

Priority Customer Service – jump to the front of the line for quicker response


With Signature Service you get scheduled deliveries, shipment notifications and improved logistics.

Custom reports to share your ordering patterns

Recommendations to save costs on shipping, receiving and operations

Direct Delivery and Back Haul opportunity to drive down your shipping costs
With Signature Service, you gain access to national and regional promotions for your organizations.

Elevate our

A team of dedicated regional sales engineers, working to grow your business

All-access to the quality brand names you and your customers know and trust

First-class ABB representatives available to work with you on annual growth planning

Earning rewards is as easy as 1-2-3

Together + Better means we work with you to ensure your business does better than ever

Sign up for Signature Service and select your products

Maintain your commitment through 2024

Participate in ABB-offered incentives and earn rewards throughout the year

Together + Better means better rewards

See the difference Signature Service rewards can make for you.

The best service + the best products

Signature Service’s benefits include all the brands you know and trust.

Premier Industrial
Commercial Essentials

Elevate your business with Signature Service

Increase your rebate, improve efficiency, get top customer service, earn rewards and work with trusted brands. Signature Service helps you do it all. It’s a program dedicated to elevating your business and demonstrates our commitment to our most valuable customer: you.

You + Us. Together + Better.